Woodland Garden Design

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watch Think that nothing will grow in that shady spot on your site? Think again! We take inspiration from forest floor ecosystems to provide you with a solution to that shady spot in your yard. The result is a beautiful, low maintenance landscape which thrives in the shade.

How We Do It:

go here In our nature is knowledgeable on choosing the right plants for your specific site, eco-zone, personal goals and desires. By choosing plants that have evolved in shade dominated forest ecosystems, we can transform your site into a woodland paradise. A mixture of Shrubs, perennials and ground-covers are chosen for their ecological function and aesthetic value.

http://alternovo.com/strategie-et-management/le-systeme-de-management-au-service-de-la-strategie/print/ Whether its a small lawn or a large city lot, we can provide you with the right design to suit your needs and the needs of the environment.