Meadow & Prairie Design

-| Meadow & Prairie Design |- We design and manage meadow & prairie inspired landscapes which evoke the same wonder, beauty and function of the natural world.

buy viagra canada pharmacy These designs are perfect for homeowners and organizations who are looking to improve local environmental health, reduce maintenance costs of their landscape (lawn or garden) and beautify their yard and community.

How We Do It:

go to site Our designs expertly replicate natural meadow and prairie ecosystems so you can get the highest possible value from your outdoor space. We

We do this by working with nature and choosing native plants based on your specific site conditions, eco-zone and personal goals and desires. Plants are chosen for both their ecological function and aesthetic qualities. The result is a resilient, low maintenance and dynamic landscape with a focus on beauty.


Whether its a small lawn or a large city lot, we can provide you with the right design to suit your needs and the needs of the environment.