What Are Native Plants? Native plants can sometimes be a controversial topic because people can never quite seem to agree on a definition. The two most popular, and logical, definitions are as follows (in the context of North America): 1. Native plants are plants that existed in an area prior to European Settlement. This is often used as a marker point because the introduction of non-native flora (and fauna) by European
5 Reasons To Love Shade In Your Garden: As gardeners we often look at shady spots in our yards as trouble areas. However, a shade garden should never be frowned upon. If shade is used to its full potential it can be a stunning garden feature. Shade gardens usually have fewer weed problems, require less maintenance and are easier to work in during summer heat. What’s not to love? Here are
How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden   |Natural Garden Design| By: Shaun Booth  If we want to create a low maintenance garden then we should look towards using natural design techniques. Natural design an alternate approach to traditional garden design which works with nature rather than against it. Basically, it combines ecological restoration with traditional garden design to create landscapes that are beautiful, functional and healthy. Native plants are always
Attract Butterflies to Your Garden in 5 Easy Steps Anyone who has butterflies visit their yard knows that they add a whole new dimension of beauty to a garden. It is a very rewarding experience to see butterflies visiting and living in your garden. Worldwide, butterflies are being killed off due to pesticides, habitat destruction and lack of food sources. Making a place for butterflies in our urbanized world is not
Top 5 Native Spring Flowers for a Stunning Garden Spring 2018 is Here! Spring is a wonderful time of year! The weather is warming up and we are welcomed by the colourful sight of spring flowers to wake us up from a long, cold winter. But winter weary humans aren’t the only ones waking up when spring comes around! As soon as the weather warms up native pollinators such as bumblebees,